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Should community groups and organizations seek grants from industrial wind companies?

Yes or No


No 52.4%
Yes 47.6%

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absolutely not!!it will likely just get charged back to us on our ever increasing hydro bills anyway!!


Absolutely. Everyone seems hand-open to BrucePower funding. Why the discrimination?  There is no such thing as ethical funding if you really delve.  Ontario Trillium funding is derived from casinos.

Are wind farms an illegal industry? No. Then why wouldn't grants be acceptable? Are we going to refuse grants from Bruce Power? What about the oil industry developing Alberta's oil sands? And then there's the pharmacutical companies. Why not just demonize everybody. Jeez!

Certainly....not everyone is negative about these projects...

Enough already, fund your own fight.

Groups and organizations shouldn't get used to grants from wind companies because in a few years they won't be there because after we stop subsidizing them, they are all going to disappear.

If the company is an employer and has been allowed to operate here making excessive amounts, let's get all we can back from them .

If we are against wind turbines then we should not be asking for anything from them

It's just a way to sway the vote, correction...BUY the vote for windmills.

Most people don't want and Ontario doesn't need IWT's. We should make that evident by refusing to have anything to do with them.

Not for a second, the money should go to make sure our community is safe and to the devaulated propertys of the people who did not have a choice for the bloody things being put up !!!!

Our children will say to us _shame, shame!  How could we do this to our community.

Receiving grants from industrial wind turbine companies would indicate acceptance of their presence within a community. Any money from such organizations should therefore be totally rejected to reflect the unacceptable appearance of these unsightly, unhealthy and inefficient rotating machines from our landscape.

The wind companies are in our communities, so they need to fully embrace these communities.

The wind companies are trying to buy our silence using our own money.

They are here to stay so they should pay their way!

They have to give out the money so why not.  No different than being anti nuclear and taking your electricity off the main grid

They won't pay for our health losses, they should pay someone why not community groups!

This would be called BLOOD MONEY

To accept means we are in agreement with these industrial turbines.

to lessen the dependence on the township is a good thing

until wind is 100% proved to be evil use thier money for sports groups and tourism, education arts and cultural programs.These groups need the money 

We are paying for these grants with the high price of subsidized "green"(?) energy!  The wind companies are not giving the grants, they are try to pay off the community.

We should not support industrial wind companies in any way.

Why not, the ripley wind turbine company has support the area with money for parks, minor sport team jerseys and the ripley fire department. They are obviously interested in supporting the community.

Why not.

Why not. The Ontario Liberal Government goes ahead and does the complete opposite to what the people want, so, why not. We might as well try to get something.

Why not?  People seek grants from Bruce Power - who also own some wind turbines...so what is the difference? 

Wind is an energy resource that should be developed, albeit responsibly of course.  With so many budget cuts in public education, health care, social services etc...gotta get money somewhere!

Yes. It shows that they want to be good corporate citizens in OUR community.




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Sunday, May 05, 2013