Ripley-Huron Reunion committee established
By Liz Dadson

Huron-Kinloss council

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The Ripley-Huron Reunion organizers have been established as a committee of Huron-Kinloss council.

At the April 15 council meeting, Amanda Farrell, chairperson of the committee, said the reunion is held every 10 years on the August long weekend.

"The next event, which sees our sleepy hamlet of 600 turn into a bustling city of more than 6,000 for the weekend, will be held Thursday, July 30, to Monday, Aug. 3, 2015," she said.

Although endorsed by Huron-Kinloss council, the mammoth event is completely volunteer-driven, and features hundreds of people who give their all to ensure a successful event.

Organizers have been meeting regularly since 2011 and can already see what an amazing weekend Reunion-Huron 2015 will be, said Farrell.

She urges everyone to bookmark ripleyreunion.ca and check back regularly to read the blog, learn about upcoming community events, heed the calls for volunteers, and revisit the 2005 (and '95 and '85) Reunions on the interactive Memory Board.

The Ripley-Huron Reunion 2015 theme is "All Roads Lead Home."

Farrell told council that in previous years, reunion organizers were not only appointed as a committee of council but also were granted loans.

In addition, a member of council was appointed to the committee, the group was covered by the township liability insurance policy, minutes from all meetings were forwarded to council, the township managed the finances, and all financial records were included in the township's annual audit.

She said the committee meets four to six times per year at this stage, so it would not be difficult for a council representative to take part. "It would help us make sense of things, such as the changes to the municipal licensing policy."

"We're very supportive," said mayor Mitch Twolan. "I thought it was a bit early for this but I guess you need to check things over with staff first."

Council endorsed making the reunion group a committee of council.


In other news ...

*Council has declared surplus the folding chairs and bench seats that were being used by HAWK Theatre in the Lucknow Town Hall Theatre. HAWK Theatre has purchased wonderfully-comfortable new chairs for the theatre, and has been authorized to sell the old chairs with proceeds allocated to the town hall elevator project.

*Deputy treasurer Christine Heinisch issued her quarterly tax arrears report, indicating arrears of $739,303.20, which equals 5.4 per cent of the 2012 levy. Last year at this time, the tax arrears totalled $671,551.20 which was 5.23 per cent of the 2011 levy.

The arrears break down as follows:

  • 2012 - $210,383.20 - 28.46 per cent of total
  • 2011 - $369,649.60 - 50 per cent of total
  • 2010 - $145,115.20 - 19.63 per cent of total
  • 2009-plus - $14,155.20 - 1.91 per cent of total

Heinisch noted two properties have been registered for tax sale.

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Saturday, May 04, 2013