Students and parents lend a helping hand to 'Mother Nature'

April 27, 2013


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Northport students, parents and teachers gather on the bank of the Saugeen River

Over 100 students and parents of Northport Elementary School in Port Elgin showed up at the Saugeen River Saturday morning to participate in releasing the salmon they raised in the school hatchery.



Students gently release their fish


The program was initiated by the Lake Huron Fishing Club (LHFC) to help students learn about the life cycle of fish.  It gives students the opportunity to watch and learn first-hand about the nature of fish, their habitat and food requirements.


The staff at Northport Elementary embraced the new program and the students enthusiastically took ownership and pride in taking 100 eggs and raising their fish until this release with every student present  releasing a fish into the river.



Students & parents watch released fish


After the official release, some students and parents also toured the Port Elgin Hatchery to see the 110,000 fish prior to their upcoming release.

"The Lake Huron Fishing Club (LHFC) was pleased to work with Northport," says club member Robert Greason, "and we look forward to repeating this success again in the next school year."

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Saturday, April 27, 2013