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Are you in favour of a moratorium on industrial wind development in Ontario?

Yes or No


No 16.8%
Yes 83.2%

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Industrial Wind Energy is a senseless waste of taxpayers money.

It is proven that they cause health issues. If you don't have your health, then what have got??!!

It is time some action is taken over this long awaited sitation

It's a scam to the highest degree.  Too bad most people, especially urbanites, are too stupid, blind or uncaring to see.

Its disgusting what is happening in Kincardine Township.  A blight on the landscape; to Hell with Pattern and Kincardine Council members.

Its not even for health reasons.  It is not financially viable and cannot be sustained long term.  Dalton McGinty should be thrown in jail

IWT are ineffecient and effect many people's health in a very negative way.

IWT development in Ontario isUNDEMOCRATIC / UNECONOMIC / UNHEALTHYUNAESTHETIC / We need an immediate moratorium and a return to local government decision making that we have enjoyed in this Province since the establishment of our municipal government system in the 1840's.

IWT low frequency noise is the same range that made US navy pilots dizzy and nauseous.Nuff said this government can protect citizens of Walkerton now it's time to protect us from LFN.

Kincardine should send Enbridge money back in full. Like the 30 pieces of silver given to Judas, this money and Enbridge will be worthless in the face of the needless pain, the suffering, and the socio-economic-environmental cost that Industrial Wind Turbines will have on the rural Ontario. Send the blood/bribe money back to the corporate raiders!!!!

LET's get it going,, Need Power..

lets stop this insane roller coaster before a lot more people are hurt.

Moritorium on wind turbines unil health issues are resolved and electrical energy in the province is being managed .

no brainer!

No enough research done on Health issues.

No, no, no, no.

No.....The waste issue in our area is a bigger concern

Not only a moratorium but removal of the existing ones when they are too close to human habitation.

Nothing should be done until the results of the effects on the population are tallied.    Also, the cost of wind energy is out of sight. Thus, i vote NO

Now that industrial wind turbines are up and running, we know their noise levels at receptors exceed "accepted" limits 62% of the time. The rest of the time they are not running. They are ruining the health, economy, and environment of rural Ontario. 

Ontario does not need the electricity..the biggest employers are derating their electical output on a regular basis.  Ontario cannot afford to send our tax dollars to Korea

people's health is priority,studies should have been done..our farm is our income and illness is not.we need help!

Perhaps Daltons worstblunder !

Politicians need to listen to these polls!

power from wind turbines will do nothing for the environment if they are being backed up by fossil generation,non green house gas power production from nuclear or hydraulic should be promoted.

Quite frankly, the present wind turbine issue and all its the negative feed back, would only make a mockery of all the good work done by our local community leaders that have committed their expertise to take on these wind companies!

Restore democracy in Ontario.  Let the people decide what they want in their own community!

Serious health issues have not been addressed

Shame on the people who consider wind turbines green.

So much information on the potential for health effects, AND the fact this is costing Ontario MILLIONS. Profits going to huge developers, no benefit for the people

So tired of all the propaganda against wind turbines.  Seems it is only landowners worried about their property values dropping that have any health concerns.  I think a setback is a great thing, but otherwise leave it alone.  It is safe and green energy. Now Kincardine is setting aside tax dollars for noise evaluations????? What next!

Something has to be done as to many people suffer from Ill health since those huge turbines. Stop them or make them go away.

Stop the destruction of our rural residential home!

Stop the insanity ! Now

Subsidised energy does not create jobs as it robs wealth through taxes and higher energy costs. This actually stifles growth. Also, real green initiatives should be followed such as insulation and heat pump technology or solar for heating--not for electrical production which is more wasteful than wind.

Thanks to Lisa Thompson and all the others who are pushing for a moratorium.  I hope they are successful.

The cost to the taxpayers needs to be addressed.  This is a heavily subsidized source of energy - with the majority of the money going out of the country. Focus on that and city dwellers may think twice as well (they aren't too concerned with health / noise / property devaluation effects on rural people).

The current approach is dictatorial & divides the community.

The estimated cost to the province of Ontario for wind powered electricity at this point in time is $800 million per year given other available energy sources. This should be reason enough to stop, without using rural Ontario as guinea pigs to determine the possible health effects. 

The government and the wind power companies in Ontario and other areas have done their homework. Green energy should not be held hostage by a few fearmongers trying to keep us in the last century.

The government has not taken into account the cumulative effect that 1000s of industrial power plants spread over the province will have on the environment as well as the long-term social, economic, cultural  and physical impact on rural residents. The precautionary principle needs to be employed.  

The government needs to change policy before imposing on people with non-economical projects. Moratorium is the first step. Another step is to change the Green Energy Act.

The Green Energy Act is a scam and has cost Ontario taxpayers millions/billions of dollars - both in huge payments to intermational businesses and in huge increases to personal hydro bills.

The harm to people in current projects is well known and to place more residents in harms way is reckless and negligent. Everyone knows now. There is no "mystery" to it anymore.

The minority seems to be getting all the publicity. There is a large silent group who are in favour of turbines.

The more I study and read up on the financial, and human issues on industrial wind farms the more I question the plausability of the information provided by the proponents of wind farms

The more power,, the  BETTER!

The only thing green about wind energy is the money that is being made from these.  They are destroying peoples health and real estate values.  Where is democracy, no one who has researched giant windfarms wants them but we are being steam rolled over for the few that make money on them.

The only wind turbines allowed should be <10 KW. When they produce more than the owner needs they woud turn the meter backwards.

The people of rural Ontario need time to prove hpw disastrou this plan is to their health and welfare. The idea of subjecting us to this environmental noise pollution is unjust and unacceptable.

The proliferation of unreliable renewables is not a solution to the short or long term electrical power issue. I would suggest Enbridge only uses the forum for advertising their supposed goodness as it relates to the environment. In the meantime, their oil and gas power pursuits which, by the way actually produce energy, should be their main business objective.

The right to issue building permits for wind mills should never been taken from municipalities

The wind industry is a scam that is negatively impacting all of Ontario and especially those having to live near the turbines.  Moratorium NOW and take the others all down!!!!

The wind industry is based on greed,ignorance and institutional deceit.It's propaganda rewards the greedy,flatters the gullible and exploits the well intentioned .

The wind industry is based on greed,ignorance and institutional deceit.It's propaganda rewards the greedy,flatters the gullible and exploits the well intentioned.     Dr Alan Watts

There have been enough decent, moral, honest, intelligent people come forward to tell the truth about the effects from turbines being erected too close to their homes.

There is proof that the department that Dr. Arlene King is in charge of, had proof of ill health affects - long before she did her review that stated there were none. DO NO HARM Dr. A. King.... that is what your job is, did you forget?

There is. No reasonable excuse for the continuation of approvals of industrial scale wind projects while people continue to suffer and get no resolution from the developer or the government.

these industial behemoths make people sick, kill birds & bats other creatures, severly damage the natural environmenmt, send electricty prices sky-rocketing, and yet do little or nothin to make an overall reduction in greenhouse gasses.

These wind farms will never get a return to the destruction they make on our environment.  It is all propaganda by the government and companies to believe we are in the direction of a green society.  This statement is a bold face lie!

They are too big, too close, and cause too many issues that proponents and the government claim are "unproven". so it's time to prove them!

They are too expensive to operate, don't reduce the CO2 levels, unreliable, inefficient and cause many health issues for those who live anywhere near to them.  Ontario is not short on energy and other forms of green energy such as hydro electricity are already in place. Industrial Wind Turbines are a blight on Ontario.

They are useless machines, and make people sick

They don't replace coal. They aren't base load, cost too much, clutter up the countryside and have possible health effects. They aren't as "green" as people believe.

This affects the property we have invested in ,in this area.It has affects so many in our area,healty wise,and it will continue to affect so much more,if they continue to put windmills up in our area.Time to listen the the people.

This is too much uncertainty regarding health issues and the long range effects they will have.  Negative issues are coming forth now with wind turbines that have been running in Europe for years.   Wind turbines may be effective, but definitely should not be placed in populated areas.  It destroys communities and that is very much evident here in Bruce County.

Time to shut this mess down.

To all politicians - harming our citizens, allowing irreversible damage to the environment, and causing HUGE hydro rate increases (decreasing our economic advantage in business and in the home)is UNEXCEPTABLE AND IWT MUST BE STOPPED.

Too many of our tax dollars go towards subsidizing this industry.

Too many people are being harmed by these giant, expensive, undependable wind factories.  They are NOT green, NOT clean and NOT free.

Too many people have been affected health wise to carry on with this program.

Too many valid questions about the Province's renewable energy strategy, particularly with respect to wind power, have been raised that it just makes common sense to step back and re-evaluate the strategy.

Too unreliable and much, much too expensive.  All they are doing is giving some people a 'feel good' because they are producing 'green' power.

Turbines are a scam, wasting vast amounts of tax payer and electricity users $.  On top of that they are having negative impacts on those living near them.

Unsafe, expensive and ineffective - why would anyone opt for industrial wind turbines? Perhaps it is the \$5000.00 per plate dinners being thrown for Kathleen Wynn?

Until we know more about them we need to stop building them and possibly exposing people to illnesses.

Until we know more about them we need to stop building them and possibly exposing people to illnesses.

Very expensive "white elephants"!

Vitually all wind power is exported at a loss.

Waste of taxpayers money!!!!

We don't need the power and it doesn't supply us with a base load. I don't see them building them in Kincardine limits so why should we have them in the country. Kincardine isn't beautiful anymore all you see is turbines during the day and red lights at night

We don't need them.  And they don't provide enough benefit for all the negatives in any case.

We have surplus power.  I support a moratorium Heath issues and economics needs to be studied.

we need the wind

we need to restore democracy, protect our animals and birds, protect human health, maintain land values and restore power to municipalities.period.

We need to stop the hurtful comments saying that nobody is being harmed, as some are. Let's stop making things worse, please.

We need to stop this scam of taking our tax dollars to subsidize the greedy wind corporations (the likes of Suncor, Enbridge who make huge profits) for supposed "green" energy we don't need.  We could simply buy clean, green, hydroelectric from Quebec at a fraction of the cost when we need it.

we should have a say in our future Democratic not dictatorship

What good is so-called green energy if it sickens the citizens it supposedly supports?  No further development should occur until all health risks are known, not just surmised. 

When McGuinty Government brought in the Green Energy Act LOCAl Municipal Politicians did NOTHING to oppose it.

Who would possibly say No to this question? Certainly not the 25+ families in the North Bruce area that are sick with vertigo, nausea, tinnitis etc generated from wind turbines!!!!!!

Why is the government continuing to approve more wind turbines - such an expensive and unreliable source of electricity?

Wind and solar generated power cannot be stored....therefore we have new natural gas air polluting plants built in metro populated areas. What ex "hide the evidence" Premiere Dalton McGuinty has done is traded polluting coal fired electric generating plants for polluting natural gas plants. What was he thinking?!!! Who got paid off?  RT

Wind energy is not economically or technically viable on a large scale. It does cause adverse health impacts and property devaluation and the Dr. Lynn's presentation made it clear that the high levels studies which would determine causality have not been done.

Wind Energy is the most inefficient, unreliable and expensive source of power that is costing every Ontario family hundreds of dollars in extra hydro costs, cost Ontario thousands of lost jobs and will make thousands of families use food banks and social assistance to survive

Wind farms cost all ontario tax payers money, they produce most of their power at night when the wind is stronger but when power is not needed, and they create adverse health affects to surrounding residents.

wind mills arent a good green power

Wind turbines are a health hazaerd

wind turbines are a waste of our money(taxpayers), and putting wind turbines  on farmland  is not a smart energy program

Wind turbines are an gigantic waste of money fraud, harmful to humans and animals alike and have sent electricity prices soaring in Ontario.

Wind turbines/farms are nothing more than a political/multinational corporate scam and have absolutely nothing to do with the enviorment and have everything to do with GREED.....


With the issues already cropping up, I believe it would be our DUTY to stop building windmills until further studies prove the safety to those who must live nearby - including animals and soil organisms.

without a 1 kilometer setback minimum, absolutely.

Wonderful all this grant money is making so many people happy--right up there with sweet young mothers dressing their darlings in Baby Gap fashions. What you don't see won't hurt you. With industrial wind turbines, it's not a waifs in sweatshops who are suffering; it's your neighbours who build and invest in your community who stand to lose health and peaceful enjoyment of homes.

yes definitely - of we do not have a  democracy any longer

Yes for two reasons:1)until due diligence duties have found the cause of the relationship between noise at all levels emitted by turbines and sleep deprivation and other health issues.2)until there is no longer a need to export electricity Ontario does not need at a loss to the taxpayer

Yes there should be no more windmills near populated areas , put them in the far north if the bears are OK with it .

Yes we need a moratorium,We now know the GREED Energy Act was just that!, Now lets pursue the Liberal leaders that have let the runnaway train get as for as it has these sworn elected liberal leaders should be doing Time and be paying back the money they stole form the tax payers of Ontario!

YES! Listen up you idiots....turbines are hazardous to the human equilibrium. Enough already. They're just a way for big business to make more money. They don't care about people.


Yes, these things are making people ill. We need to put a stop to them now !!




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Friday, March 29, 2013