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Would you support an Information Kincardine centre in the old Foodland store building?

Yes or No


No 62.7%
Yes 37.3%

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Municipality owns too many building now to lease more space.  Need a consolidated plan on which dept/service goes where and what buildings are surplus to requirements AND THEN DO IT.

An info centre downtown Kincardine is exactly what the town needs.

At what cost? Seems to me they should fix the things they have before going forward with this proposal.

belongs on the Hwy....Goderich is on the Hwy...Port has only one street....so it is on the highway through the town

Bring Visitors to downtown for shopping!

Bringing the three groups together would be very progressive.  Lets do it!

Definitely. Great accommodation for Tourist Information and a boost to that end of Queens. An investment in our downtown. Public washrooms needed too.

Downtown should be for retail.

Excellent idea and one Council should support. First, move the Tourist office from the highway downtown to where the tourists are and need to be served. Put large signs on #21 to direct anyone who doesn't already know where our beach and downtown are. Most tourists travelling with GPS and internet anyways.

Extra public washroom is the only needed /usefull proposal. No need to open a satalite town hall office. The costs would surely out pace any benefit. The town has no mandate to subsidize private companies rent. Such as AREVA.

Extra public washroom is the only needed /usefull proposal. No need to open a satalite town hall office. The costs would surely out pace any benefit. The town has no mandate to subsidize private companies rent. Such as AREVA.

Finally having a convenient place were we can pick stuff up regarding the Municipality would be good as would bringing tourists in from the highway.

fine where it is

Great idea, good use of an otherwise empty building.

Great Location

Great location for everything suggested using!!!!

How would Kincardine benefit in moving the info centre to downtown? People coming into town would find it easier on the highway. Maybe back where it was at the Esso. Thatd make most sense!

I think that it is a great idea IF the costs are reasonable.  There is too much waste of taxpayer's dollars now, so I hope that this will be well-thought out.

I think the whole Team Kincardine idea is a rip-off!  They have been working for a year and what have they done so far???  Another waste of money!

I would and would even like it if they could have a small specialy store there with milk and basics, a washroom, perhaps a meeting room and a small information booth!

I would vote  1,000,000 no's if it was allowed

In a 'bypass' town, this makes zero sense!  As an RV'er, I would not drive down into a town looking for local information.  Rv's are difficult to navigate through small downtowns.  The current highway location serves it's purpose for us!

Information centers are going the way of the dinosaurs. When people research for vacations today, they do it ONLINE VIA the WEB. Information centers cost tax payers too much money!

It is an excellent location.........really miss Foodland and wish we could have a small grocery there in its place.

It makes more sense to have an information center in the downtown core.

It should be on the highway as travellers will not go downtown with the major shops on the highway.  Need more competable shopping downtown 1st.

It should be out on the hwy where tourists driving by canfind it.

It would be great as then tourists would come down town instead of staying on highway 21 and not coming into Kincardine.

It's an ideal location, with lots of parking & a great spot for any outdoor activities.  I just hope that there are no "surprise expenses" for the Town during the renovations and during the lease.

Leave it where it is. If any place the Information Center should be on the highway and not in town.

Look back to when tourist centre was in the Annex.  It had a huge drop in rate and brought people downtown. Excellent location & good parking

Makes sense. That's where all the tourists are. Great opportunity to promote Kincardine downtown as well as provide other valuable resources for community and visitors.

needs something that would revitalize and energize the down core....we already have a visitors centre along the highway which is an appropriate place for one.  Information Kincardine centre would be redundant

needs to be more visible

no,  Kincardine needs to put a grocery store in the old FoodLand Store Building

Providing an Information Centre downtown at the Foodland site would provide many opportunities. The fact that Team Kincardine would be located under one roof would certainly provide a great "one-stop-shop" resource to the business communty within a professional setting.....keep trying!!!!

Put them closer to the park, 

Should be in the main core

Should be out by the juntion of 21and 9.

Still would need to factor in the cost of rent of the building.  Good to be on main street.   

The business plan looked to be the efforts of an amateur and yet this is the group that taxpayers pay to encourage economic development?  Their big idea was to duplicate services downtown? Not only should council pass on this proposal but they should reconsider their funding of these groups, taxpayers don't want it, only those directly benefitting and lobbying Council do!

the idea is to get travelers from 21 to downtwon

The town of Kincardine has spent way too much money .I think the tourist are more apt to stop on the hiway.  Riggin

The town owns enough buildings.

There already is an information centre in the Arts Centre?  The BIA, Chamber and PREDC group should be embarrassed by their presentation, looking to justify their existence by duplicating what's already available on the backs of the local taxpayer.  what a crock

too costly

waste of tax payers money

We cannot afford it. Taxes are already too high and we need to live within our means and stop spending money on things that are not a necessity.

we have a perfectly good one on the highway, better to go after retail for this building

We need a food store more. Information centre should be on the highway for visitors.

We need a Pioneer or Zehrs Gas Bar to drive down our gas prices to keep people in town. Not another information center to tell us to "Shop Kincardine".

We NEED one downtown.  That's where the tourism is!!!!  Even I would go there as a resident, but have never been to the one on the highway!

what a insane idea

What a waste, I would expected more from team Kincardine

while travelling throughout Canada and the USA, you will always find the information centre on the main highway you are travelling on.

Who is going to pay for all of this.$45,000 a yaer for ren t who pays . .We need to utilize the buildings we already have .

Who pays

Why not GIANT TIGER or something for our KINCARDINE downtown residents?

why would you put something down town when the majority of the traffic is on the highway...it should be centrally located back at the corner of 9&21 or in the sobey's area

would be great when tourlst season comes esp. lf there are bathrooms open on Plpe Band Parade nlghts.

Would rather have a grocery store, please!

Wrong place

yes however I think that the proposal in whole needs to be reworked, much of what is proposed is already offered elsewhere in town.  More specifically the Early Years Centre is well established and faithfully used.  Where does the PREDC fit into this whole proposal?

Yes, better to have it where to tourists actually end up.  Out on hwy 21 is far away from any tourist attractions and not likley to have people dropping in.

Yes, but only if it doesn't cost we taxpayers any money.




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Tuesday, February 26, 2013