OPG submits information to CEAA as requested

January 3, 2017


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Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has submitted the information requested on Feb. 18, 2016, by the federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change with respect to OPG’s proposal for a Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) in Kincardine, Ontario. The information submitted to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency includes:

The information submitted to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency includes:

  •  A study that details the environmental effects of technically and economically feasible alternate locations for OPG’s DGR project. Two alternate locations - one in crystalline rock and one in sedimentary rock - were studied, along with the incremental costs and risks associated with the off-site transportation.

  • An updated analysis of the cumulative environmental effects of the project, assuming a used-fuel repository is sited in close proximity to OPG’s DGR. A site for a used-fuel facility has not yet been determined by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization.

  • An updated list of OPG’s commitments to mitigate adverse environmental effects under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012.

The studies show that relocating the DGR to an alternate location would result in increased environmental effects and significant incremental costs, with no assurance of increased safety to workers and the public, or protection of the environment.

Based on the findings, OPG maintains that a DGR is the right answer for its low- and intermediate level waste, and that the current proposed Bruce nuclear site is the right location.

An independent federal Joint Review Panel recommended in 2015 that OPG’s project move ahead “now rather than later,” based on a strong safety case and to reduce risks to the environment.

For more on the DGR and the information submitted, please visit the DGR website.

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OPG generates safe, clean, reliable, low-cost power for Ontario. More than 99 per cent of this power is free of smog and greenhouse gas emissions. OPG's power is priced 40 per cent lower than power from other generators, which helps moderate customer bills

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Scientists from around the world agree that Ontario Power Generation’s plan for a deep geologic repository is the safest, most responsible solution.

Ontario Power Generation’s plan for the safe, permanent storage of its low and intermediate-level nuclear waste.  It’s the responsible thing to do.


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