Allan Thicke
March, 1947 - December 13, 2016


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I don't think anything brings the realization of mortality closer than losing a family member or someone you grew up with.

Today, I lost an old high school friend ... Allan Thicke.

It was only a few days ago that I heard his deep baritone voice on CBC with Tom Power on 'q' and he sounded exactly as he always did.  So, when my mother called today to say that he died, I could scarcely believe it ... I still can't as I look back through my yearbooks.

Allan and I went all through high school at Elliot Lake High School (ELHS).  Allan was always a force to be reckoned with .. tall, dark and handsome.  I wouldn't say the girls swooned over him but ... they did.

Allan lived just a few doors up the street from our home.  His stepfather, Brian Thicke, was our family doctor and also my dad's best 'fishing' buddy. His mom, Joan, either used to come to our house all the time to have her hair done as my own mother was a beautician and hairdresser, or mom would go up the street to their home.  It was small town living where neighbours were friends.

Allan also has two younger siblings, Todd (Toddie) who is in his own right a television writer and producer and sister, Joanne, a chiropractor in Ontario, both of whom I babysat.

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In high school in Elliot Lake, Allan and I were both in drama ... although he was always the 'star'.  We performed in the local high school's annual talent show, where Allan was the emcee and carried the show, while I sang.

When Allan first married, our family was invited to Brampton to meet the bride, Gloria Loring, who was then a singer and soap star.  She was also beautiful and charming ... Allan was Allan ... suave and debonair.

While living in Edmonton for a time, Allan came to perform at Stage West, and we went for dinner. Dressed head to toe in expensive supple black leather, he was a sight to behold, but as we sat over dinner he became the same Allan, and we talked about high school and caught up on families.

Today, is like losing a piece of your past, a memory of your teenage life ... my thoughts are especially with Allan's dad, Brian,  ... he adored Allan and the feeling was mutual. 

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016