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written by Mike Sterling for Canadian Community News

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The lead in a National Post Article says: 

"Medical isotope production using weapons-grade uranium is about to cease in Canada, ending decades of world dominance supplying life-saving nuclear medicine, but leaving a toxic legacy and heated environmental controversy."

The plan is to transport this waste from Canada to a U.S. Department of Energy plant in South Carolina for eventual reprocessing and mixing with lower grade enriched uranium.  The mix will be used in nuclear power plants in the US.

What is the reason?  In one word 'SAFETY'.  Every expert knows that having high level waste laying around in many places is dangerous unless it can be guarded and finally disposed of properly.  It is dangerous as part of a dirty bomb in sufficient quantities

What's happening? 

The move is being opposed by more than two dozen environmental groups because it has never been done before and they don't trust the process.  Sound familiar?

How about representatives from these dozens of groups rolling up their sleeves and helping in the move in any way possible like planning for example?

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016