Tiverton News
by Karen Ballok

August 26, 2016

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Itís wonderful to see the green again after the rain and the local corn is now for sale.

A quick thank you to Pat Stewart in Inverhuron for the wonderful afternoon of chatting about the history of Tiverton and Inverhuron. Pat grew up in Tiverton and since 1953 has had a cottage on the lake in Inverhuron. Letís do it again soon Pat.

Tiverton Fall Fair

There is something for everyone at our Fall Fair September 30, October 1 & 2.

This year's Theme is "Country Pride, Country Wide".

You can now pick-up Tiverton Fall Fair books at the Tiverton and Kincardine Libraries. Check out our website at www.tivertonagsociety.com .

 The Tiverton Agricultural Society is also looking for Volunteers, any age.... to help out at the Fall Fair the week of September 26th through to October 2nd. For High School students, it's a chance to get your volunteer hours.  We would appreciate an hour, two hours or whatever you feel you could spare. Come out and meet and work with some great people. To volunteer a little of your time phone 519 368-7114.

Tiverton is also looking for contestants between the ages of 17 to 23 to be our next year's Ambassador. This person must be single and reside in the former Bruce Township, Kincardine Township or the Village of Tiverton. The Ambassador is eligible for a $500 "Continuing Education Bursary". For more information or to register please phone Laurie at 519 368-7980.

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Watch this column, from now 'til Fair time for tidbits, you didnít know about the Tiverton Fall Fair or check out our web site www.tivertonagsociety.com .

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Friday, August 26, 2016