Municipality asks for water usage to be reduced

July 14, 2016

Town Council

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The Kincardine and Tiverton standpipes will be out of service until September 30, 2016 for required maintenance activities.

Properties in Tiverton, Kincardine, Huronville, Inverhuron and along the pipeline who are connected to the municipal drinking water systems are asked to reduce their water usage as much as possible.

Refrain from any excess outdoor water usage such as car washing, driveway cleaning, excess sprinkler usage and general water wastage.

The Municipality may be required to implement an outright lawn watering ban to ensure public safety is maintained. Letís work together to reduce consumption so we can avoid more serious water restrictions.

The Municipality kindly thanks all users for their cooperation and efforts to conserve.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016