Big Environmental Groups Changing Tune?

June 26, 2016


Written for Canadian Community News by Mike Sterling

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Some movement may have taken place in highly thought of environmental groups as they access the seriousness of the threat of global warming.

In Ontario all coal fired plants have been shut down and nuclear power carries as much as 50% of the power requirements in a carbon free manner.

In the US nuclear power provides up to 20% of the requirements and about 60% of the carbon free power generation.

Shutting down nuclear power is now being debated by the prestigious Sierra Club among others.   For many years groups like the Sierra Club have fought to eliminate all nuclear power and have held back any support to make disposal of nuclear waste possible.  This is called putting the 'Stopper in the Bottle'.

They now are considering, albeit cautiously, supporting keeping nuclear power plants running.

Why?  They see the obvious. If you accept global warming as the science leads you to do, then you must attack the carbon pollution reduction requirements.

We encourage you to read Amy Harder's Wall Street Journal article on the surprising recent thoughts of some in the environmental movement.  To Read the Article Click Here  Don't expect an overnight epiphany, however.

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