Politics today about staying popular not making tough decisions, says reader

May 17, 2016


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To the Editor:

Unfortunately, SOS are doing exactly what will likely work in accomplishing their goal of stopping the DGR.

 This is because they understand how to influence the Federal Government of Canada’s decision. When the Minister of Environment, Catherine McKenna delayed her decision in April, citing the need for more information and time to digest the volumes of documentation, the pro DGR side respectively gave their response in belief that more science would only reinforce the correct decision.

My fear is that the Liberal Government’s true objective was to buy time to garner public opinion. Politics today is not about making tough, unpopular decisions that are for the better good. It is about staying popular by making decisions that the majority think are correct, even if they know almost nothing about the subject.

As less than 20 percent of those polled will seriously know the science, geology and history, the majority will only know the sensational things presented by the SOS. The support FOR the DGR lacks one major component. The way to gain political popularity.

Do we have a person on the Pro side with advertising and marketing experience that can work with politically smart ideas to gain a popular spin to add to the good science? Hope so.

Jim Reid,



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Wednesday, May 18, 2016